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Free Ongoing Technical Support for Water Cannon Equipment

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When you buy a piece of pressure washing equipment from Water Cannon, we don’t just ship it to you and forget about you. We offer free ongoing technical support for all of the equipment we sell, including our pressure washers. From our popular Honda pressure washer models to our pumps and engines - and beyond - we are here to answer your questions and provide support for the life of your machines.

If you have any questions about pressure washing equipment you have purchased from Water Cannon, please do not hesitate to email us at  or contact us by phone at 1-800-964-9274. We are also more than happy to suggest replacement parts and useful pressure washer accessories to accompany any equipment you may already own.

We offer FREE technical support on all of the products Water Cannon sells, and we have the technical knowledge to suggest the exact equipment and replacement parts to meet your needs. We have had customers email us images of parts and equipment so we could provide the appropriate product recommendations, and we are happy to do the same for you. We can also customize any pressure washer for you to suit the jobs you have at hand. We look forward to working with you! 

Si usted tiene preguntas de Water Cannon acerca de los productos o consultas técnicas del producto que haya adquirido con nosotros, nuestro capacitado equipo de ventas lo invita a estar en contacto por correo físico o correo electrónico, así como por teléfono en el horario de 9 am a las 7 pm Hora Estandard del Este.

Ofrecemos ayuda técnica GRATIS en todos los productos que vende water cannon, tenemos el conocimiento técnico para sugerir el equipo exacto y piezas de repuesto para satisfacer sus necesidades. Hemos tenido clientes donde nos envían imágenes o fotos de las piezas y equipos con lo cual nosotros usamos como referencia para dar recomendaciones del producto adecuado. Estamos muy felices de hacer lo mismo para usted. A su vez podemos personalizar cualquier lavadora a presion para usted en función de las tareas que tiene a mano. Esperamos gustosos en servirle

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